Have you ever pulled out in front of someone simply because you didn’t see properly? And said to yourself “how did I not see what was happening?”

Sometimes there is simply too much going on and contrary to what you think, the human brain isn’t very good at multi-tasking (it is linear) it works best dealing with one task at a time.

The brain is a complex organ and can make mistakes when interpreting the world around us. Our eyes are able to capture only a small fraction of the information that’s available to us. So the brain fills in the gaps making assumptions based on our previous experiences. This can be helpful at times but can be equally dangerous on other occasions.

Therefore we make decisions based on these assumptions. On occasions the decisions we make will be wrong from time to time.

Experienced drivers can often filter out irrelevant information, but learner drivers can sometimes be overwhelmed with the amount of information that needs to be processed at the one time.

Watch the short video below and listen carefully to the instructions given.

This should illustrate the points above completely.