Set 1

Basic car control….before moving on;


  • Do you understand MSM?
  • Can you set all your mirrors effectively?
  • Can you tell me what blind spots are/shoulder?
  • How often should you check your mirrors?
  • Can you safely pull up at the side of the road?
  • Do you understand the biting point?
  • Which gear is the strongest?
  • Can you work other controls such as Lights, wipers, speedometer, soft touch indicator, fans, etc….?
  • What is an open/closed junction?  Which gear is suited to a closed junction?
  • When should you apply the Hand Brake?
  • How do you learn best? VARK.
  • Who takes responsibility for the car?
  • Is there any question you want to ask but haven’t?
  • Is there anything I could help you with?
Set 2

Some considerations when manoeuvring…………..


  • Do you understand what Camber is and how it affects the car?
  • Can you manoeuvre on hills, up and downward?
  • When would it be dangerous to reverse?
  • How far are you allowed to reverse?
  • Can you see clearly? can you work Wipers. Fan. Air conditioning?  Open windows.
  • When would it be illegal to reverse?
Set 3

Some questions for your consideration; set 3 are more though provoking.

If you are finding these questions difficult then you should discuss these with us on your next lesson.


  • Who has priority at a crossroads (marked & unmarked)?
  • Can you negotiate multi lane roundabouts?
  • Do you understand directional road signs?
  • Do you understand the sequence of traffic lights?
  • Do you understand filter lights?
  • Do you know what the national speed limit sign looks like?
  • Do you understand the two second rule gap?
  • What type of crossing has a flashing amber light?
  • What does a zebra crossing look like?
  • How would you know you are approaching a mini Roundabout
  • What MUST you do at a GIVE WAY?
  • What MUST you do at a STOP LINE?
  • Can you apply the full M.S.M. routine? M.S.M.P.S.L.
  • Can you emerge onto a dual carriageway safely? Cross the carriageway?
  • Do you understand what the ‘HOLD BACK’ position is?
  • Do you know how to deal with hatch markings? Surounded with a BROKEN OR SOLID line?
  • What does a solid line in the middle of the road mean?
  • Is there any question you want to ask but haven’t?
  • Is there anything I could help you with?

The above questions are basic road procedure and you MUST know them in order to make sound decisions when driving.