Stop Lines Lanark

Here is a list of junctions at Lanark for you to look at and study;

This should help you remember what hey look like.

Also the road markings and road signage!

Stop Lines

Ask yourself the following;

How do I know it is a Stop?
What three pieces of information maake it a STOP?
What MUST I do at a STOP line?
Is it an offence if i do not stop?
Would I FAIL a driving test at a STOP, if I dont completely STOP?
high street
High Street at the bottom of Lanark
Kenilworth Rd at mini roundabouts
south vennel
south vennel, near the high school
st leonard
St Leonard Street. Note ther is no footpath for pedestrians!
stanmore road

Stanmore Road

Also look at the other information on the road signage, prior to and beyond the STOP.

stanmore road
Top end of Stanmore Road