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Official DVSA videos about your driving test

Gear changing Duration: 3.10 min (Size: 15.9Mb)
Steering – Push and Pull method Duration: 2.11 min (Size: 11.00Mb)
Moving off and Stopping Duration: 1.07 min (Size: 5.6Mb)
How to do an Angle Start Duration: 1.02 min (Size: 5.23Mb)
How to do a Downhill Start Duration: 0.41 min (Size: 1.25Mb)
Turning Right Duration: 1.35 min (Size: 7.86Mb)
How to do the Emergency Stop Duration: 1.36 min (Size: 7.99Mb)
How to Park – Uphill Duration: 1.36 min (Size: 7.99Mb)
How to Park – Downhill Duration: 1.36 min (Size: 7.99Mb)

Reverse Round a LEFT Corner Duration: 1.42 min (Size: 8.61Mb)
Reverse Round a RIGHT Corner Duration: 2.04 min (Size: 10.2Mb)
Parallel Parking – Reverse Parking Duration: 1.38 min (Size: 8.1Mb)
Bay Parking into a bay on your LEFT Duration: 1.17 min (Size: 6.38Mb)
Bay Parking into a bay on your RIGHT Duration: 1.15 min (Size: 6.12Mb)
Turn in the Road (3 point turn) Duration: 1.20 min (Size: 6.74Mb)
Turn in the Road (5 point turn) Duration: 1.28 min (Size: 7.48Mb)

Speed Camera Information How to keep your Licence. Duration: 4.12 min
Dealing with Anti-speed humps Duration: 1.54 min (Size: 9.5Mb)
Dealing with Traffic calming measures Duration: 1.21 min (Size: 6.7Mb)
Dealing with Single Track Roads Duration: 2.01 min (Size: 10.1Mb)
Dealing with School Crossing Patrols Duration: 2.38 min (Size: 13.1Mb)
Dealing with a Busy Road Duration: 1.52 min (Size: 9.2Mb)
Driving in a Queue of Traffic Duration: 2.08 min (Size: 10.9Mb)
Dealing with Other Road Users Duration: 2.09 min (Size: 10.9Mb)
Meeting with Other Road Users Duration: 0.49 min (Size: 4.08Mb)
How to deal with right turns at traffic lights Duration: 2.41 min (Size: 13.3Mb)
How to position turning right at traffic lights Duration: 4.28
Green filter arrows at traffic lights Duration: 2.10
How to deal with a right turn onto a Dual Carriageway Duration: 0.52 min (Size: 4.32Mb)
Joining a dual carriageway Duration: 2.10 min (Size: 10.76Mb)
Dealing with narrow flyovers Duration: 0.58 min (Size: 3.27Mb)
Cyclist at traffic lights Duration: 0.51 min (Size: 3.00Mb)
Overtaking on a single carriageway Duration: 0.52 min (Size: 4.35Mb)
Overtaking on a dual carriageway Duration: 1.12 min (Size: 6.09Mb)
Driving on a Muti-lane Road Duration: 1.36 min (Size: 8.06Mb)
How to check your separation distance Duration: 0.40 min (Size: 2.32Mb)
Dealing with Bus Lanes Duration: 1.29 min (Size: 6.45Mb)
Roundabout Lanes and Road Markings Duration: 1.37 min (Size: 5.92Mb)
Roundabouts and Crossings Duration: 1.10 min (Size: 3.44Mb)
Roundabouts – When is it safe to Go? Duration: 4.45 min
Dealing with Double Roundabouts Duration: 1.34min (Size: 7.9Mb)
Dealing with Mini Roundabouts Duration: 3.29min
Turning right and then straight ahead at a Large Double Roundabout Duration: 1.19 min (Size: 6.48Mb)
Turning right at a Large Double Roundabout Duration: 1.09 min (Size: 5.64Mb)
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